Table Base Parts

Anything can happen.  Fortunately, everything can be fixed.

Space Tables stand up to just about everything your staff and residents can dish out. But if something does get broken, we provide the replacement parts. You don’t need to buy a whole new adjustable table, you just need to order the right part. 

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  1. Self Leveling Glides

    Self Leveling Glides

  2. Insert Bolt Package

    Insert Bolt Package

  3. Caster Bracket with Casters
  4. Nut Cage

    Nut Cage

  5. Cage Nut

    Cage Nut

  6. Tilt Bumper Set

    Tilt Bumper Set

  7. Gear Set

    Gear Set

  8. Tilt Handle Assembly

    Tilt Handle Assembly

  9. Tilt Handle

    Tilt Handle

  10. Crank Handle

    Crank Handle

  11. Hooded Twin Wheel Caster Set
  12. Leg End Cap

    Leg End Cap

  13. Gear Box Assembly

    Gear Box Assembly

13 Item(s)

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