The Glossary: Understand what makes your table different

Adjustable Base: Table base with vertical height ajustment.

Composite Table: Lightweight and durable one piece molded table with excellent sanitary properties.

Fixed Base: A table base with no height adjustment.

Laminate Table: Durable table top with a wide array of finishing options.

Quick-Step(TM): Allows a single person to easily enguage the casters to move the table.

Quick-Tilt (TM): A one handed release mechanism used for tilting the table top.

Self Edge: Using durable high preasure laminate as the edge finish.

Self-Leveling Glide: Table base glide that automatically adjusts to uneven floors.

SPACEdge(TM): Molded Polyurethane table edge used on high preasure laminate table tops. Excellent protection from impacts and in some applications spills.

3D Laminate Table: Seamless surface for superior hygiene. Enviromentaly friendly giving you a wood look with out having to use solvent based wood finishes.

T-Mold: T-molding has been the edge trim of choice for many years. It's attractive and resistant to wear and tear.